Schechter Reed keeps the recruiting machine in a constant state of motion. While we receive many of our candidates through referrals, we are constantly mining for talent. Our goal is to establish relationships with qualified candidates before they begin actively job searching.


The majority of Schechter Reed’s candidates fall into two main categories:


1. Ambitious Administrators- Administration is a comfortable point of entry in which to apply natural strengths in organization and planning. Typically willing to give 1-2 years before seeking advancement.

2. Career Administrators-Experienced in and passionate about the day-to-day operations of an office or Executive. Fulfillment comes from improving efficiency, managing details, preventing problems and solving the puzzle of the busy and ever-changing calendar.

Currently representing the following “Ambitious Administrators”


  • 2017 grad with degree in communications and internship at “Big 4”. Project-oriented assistant with well-rounded strengths in design and data analysis.   (Northern VA)
  • 2018 grad with marketing degree and recent work experience at large government contracting firm. Interest in and experience supporting recruiting operations. (Northern VA)

Currently representing the following “Career Administrators”


  • Degreed Administrator with 3+ years in a cross-functional role that includes event planning, culture building, HR administration, executive support and general office management. Comfortable in administration, but ready to move off of the front desk. $55K-$60K. (Northern VA)
  • Dedicated and savvy Executive Assistant with high-profile events experience from Los Angeles and D.C.  Ideal for busy Executive who demands committed, round-the-clock support. $90K-$100K. (D.C. and Northern VA)
  • Highly-regarded and tech-savvy Executive Assistant/Board liaison with Embassy experience abroad. Goal-oriented and interested in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment that draws upon non-profit and for-profit experience. $80K (D.C. and Northern VA)