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Candidate Testimonial: Jade Belcher

“I was in contact with two different recruiters before Lori. The first did not take the time to fully understand the type of career I wanted to go into, instead he just found me some entry level positions that met my most basic requirements. The second stopped contacting me after I turned down four different positions.  

Lori asked me lots of questions and took the time to understand exactly what I was looking for, not only in a job, but in my future career. She found a couple of openings for me in different companies, and upon my dismissal of those positions, she did not stop looking for other options. When she found a position that I was interested in we met for coffee and talked in detail about the company, the position, and research I could do independently to be better equipped for my interview. She arranged the interview with the company, answered all of my questions, and made sure I felt comfortable and prepared. She was happy to ask the association I now work for any logistical questions on my behalf. Lori still checks in occasionally, is very accommodating if I have conflicts turning in my time sheets, and has made me feel well taken care of.”

-Jade Belcher

Development Manager at SHEA 

Karyn Ousley

“Lori placed me at Perot Systems, which then became Dell Services Federal Government (and most recently has been acquired by NTT Data Services).  I was a 3 month contractor with Schechter Reed and then was hired on permanently with Perot in 2006.  I spent almost 9 1/2 years with Perot/Dell Services in the field of Recruiting/Talent Acquisition.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lori for working with me!  We’ve kept in touch throughout the years and I regard her as a valuable resource.”

Karyn Ousley
Ernst and Young