Resources–Resume & Job Description Templates

Need career guidance?

Are you unsure of your career trajectory, but believe that your natural strengths lend themselves to administrative work?

Our top candidates typically share many of the following attributes:

  1. Supremely organized – an affinity for lists, color-coding systems and tools that keep balls from dropping
  2. Detail-orientation – an eye for catching mistakes
  3. Meticulous time management – view scheduling as a puzzle and enjoy solving it
  4. Personable –  enjoy building relationships inside and out of the organization
  5. Proactive – ability to anticipate problems and opportunities before they occur
  6. Professional maturity – understand appropriate behavior in a business setting
  7. Technology savvy – quickly learn software and applications that improve efficiency

If the list above sounds like you or someone you know, please connect with us. We can help you understand your natural strengths and map out a career path that maximizes them.

Sample Resumes–

Do you need help updating your resume? Do you need help putting together your first administrative-focused resume? Attached are some templates that may get you started.

Ambitious Admin resumeClick here to download
Career Admin resumeClick here to download

Job Description Templates–

Need help crafting your job descriptions for EA and AA positions? Use our templates below!

Executive Assistant-Office Manager (small co) Template

Administrative Assistant Template

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