Terrassa Scott: A Covid career-pivot

An email rolls in after 6pm on a Thursday from one of our top-performing Recruiting Coordinators at SAIC. The subject reads:

“I’ll be a recruiter next week!!!”


That’s right-three exclamation points!!!

That’s how excited Terrassa Scott is to begin her first rotation as a Recruiter in SAIC’s comprehensive recruiting training program. Terrassa’s email was a note of gratitude for introducing her to the Recruiting Coordinator opportunity that started it all. She said that the job “feels like what I’m supposed to do” and “that feels amazing”.

Emails like that have kept me feeling fulfilled in the staffing business for 25 years. Terrassa was referred to me by a longtime client and I wanted to share our recent conversation. I hope it inspires others who are considering a career change.

Terrassa was an Executive Assistant who loved to collaborate with HR to schedule interviews and work with candidates. She affirmed her strengths in relationship-building through personality assessments and wanted to pursue a career in recruiting, but searched in vain for over eight months. Eventually, the HR Executive at Terrassa’s company recommended Schechter Reed as a resource.

Terrassa found the Recruiting Coordinator posting on Schechter Reed’s website. As an Executive Assistant, she had skills in time management, process improvement, customer service and a proven ability to operate in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. These skills transferred well to recruiting.

Now at SAIC, working remotely for the past six months, Terrassa has learned to work with candidates and hiring managers, schedule interviews, generate offers, and manage the applicant tracking system. She is especially grateful for her amazingly helpful and supportive team. In a short time, she has moved up from a Recruiting Coordinator supporting Recruiters to a Recruiter (with a Recruiting Coordinator in support of her).

Terrassa shared with me, “The Futures program at SAIC is unique. It is so nice to have guidelines, mentors, and formal training before you become a Recruiter. You get it in bite-sized pieces at first and then start to dig deeper. SAIC assigns you mentors, who are very helpful and want you to succeed.”

I’m so happy to see Terrassa succeed and look forward to watching her progress at SAIC.

If you are in need of a #recruiter, #coordinator or an #administrative superstar or you know someone who seems well-suited for those roles, let’s chat!

Searching for Angel Brunner’s Executive Assistant

Angel Brunner is a San Francisco native who bought into the D.C. story and has transformed underdeveloped areas like NoMa into job-creating communities. Since 2008, her company EB5 Capital, has raised over $800M from clients in 65 countries and has created over 35,000 jobs.

Angel spent several hours discussing this search with me. Her entire company is committed to finding the right Executive Assistant for Angel and I look forward to speaking with anyone who has a history of excellence in executive support.

Click below to meet Angel and hear about her personal journey.

Current Opportunities in the Washington DC Area

Executive Assistant, Reston, VA | $80-$90K

Award-winning tech company seeks a business-savvy Executive Assistant for one of its beloved leaders. This highly-visible role in the corporate office of a publicly-traded firm is vacant due to a promotion and a unique opportunity to work in a fast-paced environment where curiosity, initiative, and efficiency are rewarded. Complex calendar management, meeting/logistics coordination, confidential information dissemination, expense reporting and a varied day of meaty projects and tactical to-dos are typical. Proficiency in MS Office, 5+ years of executive-level administration and favorable professional references required.

Recruiting Coordinator (Contract to Hire), Northern Virginia | $24/hour

Unique opportunity to learn recruiting from one of the area’s largest employers in the “apprenticeship” role. Candidates must have natural strengths in organization, communication, follow-through, and detail-orientation. Initial job centers around the candidate experience, scheduling interviews, initiating background checks and drug screens, generating offer letters, onboarding support and ad hoc projects as needed. Requirements include MS Office proficiency (Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint), solid professional references, and ability to multi-task in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. Successful Recruiting Coordinators will be trained/mentored in best practices for sourcing, screening and interviewing candidates with the goal of moving into a full lifecycle recruiting role within 6-12 months.

Executive Assistant/Chief of Staff, Bethesda, MD |$100K+

Newly-created role to support one of the most exciting investment professionals in the world. High-performing startup environment in need of day-to-day tactical and substantive support for its Founder and CEO. Shift seamlessly between personal and professional life coordination, scheduling dinners, events, and travel. Heavy calendar coordination, process improvement and acting as an ambassador for the company and the CEO. Interface externally with high-profile clients; anticipate problems and opportunities to remain “one step ahead”; troubleshoot computer issues, video conferencing and other last-minute hiccups with a cool head. Work collaboratively with two other administrative professionals, delegating and mentoring where necessary. Show genuine curiosity in the business to maximize involvement and understand the “big picture” and the supporting details.

Please reach out to Lori to learn more.

Lori’s Podcast Picks for the Holidays (and beyond)

As we approach the season of road trips (traffic) and flights (delays), consider picking up a podcast. They are quick, easy and free to download and they will surely arm you with interesting conversation nuggets at the holiday table. Here are my top 5 right now:

1.      Hidden Brain—NPR’s thought-provoking episodes center around human behavior and will change the way you see yourself and the world around you. Host Shaker Vedantam’s smooth storytelling arms you with interesting topics that encourage conversation and debate.

My husband and I spent half of our Valentine’s Day lunch discussing “You 2.0: When Did Marriage Become So Hard”.

2.      Serial (Season One) – This American Life’s award-winning podcast was my first love and changed the way I felt about rush hour in D.C. It chronicles the gruesome murder of a high-achieving high schooler and the ex-boyfriend who was convicted on questionable evidence. If I could invite one person to dinner this holiday season, it would be Sarah Koenig, the brilliant investigative journalist who narrates each episode.

3.      The Happiness Lab – My latest obsession is from Yale Psychology professor, Dr. Laurie Santos. She explores the human mind, our emotions and how an understanding of both can help us in the age-old pursuit of happiness. I have forwarded Episode 10. Making the Grade to several mom friends and hope it lands in the hands of FCPS or even better, U.S. Department of Education.

4.      Up First My car radio rarely leaves NPR so it’s no surprise that their daily digest is my preference for unbiased news from around the world. Most podcasts are under 15 minutes, perfect for that doughnut run or the guilt-ridden trip to the gym that follows.  When you return to work in January, you might even keep it around for your daily commute.

5.      The GaryVee Audio Experience – Best-selling author of business bibles Crush It, and Jab, Jab, Jab, Right HookGary Vaynerchuk shares valuable advice for entrepreneurs who want to build their brand on social media platforms. Enthusiasts find so much more than business advice in Gary’s podcasts. They find philosophy, comedy, inspiration and trend spotting. His clairvoyance with the Adidas brand and his candor turned my 16-year old son into a fan.

Like recipes, podcasts are easy and fun to share. Please reply with your own favorites and let me know if you love or hate any of mine.  Happy holidays!

Photo by israel palacio on Unsplash

Another Schechter Reed alum has tied the knot!

Another Schechter Reed, LLC alum, Allison Andresen, PMP, of Venturehouse Group has tied the knot! We love launching our candidates into new jobs and following their professional and personal milestones. Are there any you can share with us?

Stefanie Ryan starts October with a new job and finishes with a wedding

Congratulations to Stefanie Ryan on her new job and her wedding, both in October! Stefanie’s LinkedIn connection liked our Schechter Reed social media post and Stefanie was inspired enough to reach out. We are so glad she did because our client, Technology Executive Group, was looking for someone with her unique skill set. Stefanie’s role as Recruiting Associate provides in-depth research and project management support for TEG’s busy executive recruiting team. It is a new industry for Stefanie and we think it’s a great fit for her new life!