Liz Kreft: Celebrating Two Years at Schechter Reed

Few things about March 2020 can be described as serendipitous, but Schechter Reed hiring Liz Kreft fits the bill. Two years ago, just before the pandemic began, Lori Reed met Liz at their daughters’ volleyball game. Lori quickly realized that Liz’s business experience, ability to read people, and sense of humor made her the ideal candidate for a recruitment role.

Liz’s career began in the bustling world of software sales during the high-tech boom. She was constantly traveling but when she had kids, she couldn’t imagine sustaining that lifestyle. In 2003, Liz left the workforce to care for her children. When she considered re-entering years later, it was a struggle to find a sales job that offered work/life balance. She needed someone from a different field to take a chance on her, and Lori Reed did just that.

Liz’s ability to connect with people makes her the perfect candidate for recruiting. Her humor puts people at ease, and they start to open up. Instead of reducing candidates to a set of skills and experience, she discovers their story, their superpowers, and their aspirations. That approach allows for good quality matches at Schechter Reed, unrestrained by quotas. Liz and Lori share those human-centered values, making them the perfect team.

One testimonial of her expertise comes from Tristan Tatum-Marshall, a candidate whom Liz recently recruited, interviewed, and placed. “Simply put, Liz gets it. I constantly chat about my experience with Schechter Reed. Liz made what is typically a stressful process enjoyable. I was hired at an amazing company that I am thriving at today, even receiving a promotion within my first 100 days. I give a lot of thanks to Liz for believing in me. I am forever grateful.”

We are grateful she is part of our team. Happy 2nd anniversary, Liz!