Lucy’s Pearls of Wisdom

Our website lists Lucy Schratz as the “newest member of the Schechter Reed team”. While that is still true, Lucy is celebrating her 2nd anniversary today! Since Lucy joined us, she has had two of her five kids graduate college and two more graduate from high school. We believe that our children make us better Recruiters and that being a Recruiter can benefit our children! See below for some pearls of wisdom from Lucy on the early career professionals she has raised along with those she has interviewed and coached.

What advice have you been able to provide the Schratz children who graduated college and entered the job market? 

My husband (who is also in staffing) and I talk a lot about business etiquette as our most recent college grad, Ben Schratz, can attest!  Small details go a long way in ensuring a positive impression during the interview process. Properly aligning your LinkedIn profile with your job search; Accepting meeting invitations for job interviews; Crafting an error-free resume; Designating a quiet and professional interview space with a strong internet connection; and, Sending thank you notes following all interviews are examples that come to mind.

How have your children informed your perception of Gen Z and what we can expect from them in the workplace?

Gen Z is tech-savvy and grew up having answers at their fingertips. They are comfortable with uncertainty and constant change, which makes them very flexible. They prioritize mission-driven or philanthropic organizations with work/life balance (some remote work flexibility) and professional growth. The threat of a recession and weaker job market has humbled many recent college grads.

What’s the most interesting interview question you have ever heard a client ask one of your candidates? 

“Why is your mom proud of you?”

Why was your mom proud of you, Lucy?

My mom balanced running her own business with raising my brother and me. She taught me that it was possible to pursue your professional dreams while still being present for your family. I believe she would be proud of me for pursuing a similar path in my own life and passing those same values to my children as they start their careers.


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