Tina Tyree

Transparency, Trust, and the Executive Recruiting of Tina Tyree

Lori Reed, founder & President of Schechter Reed, takes great pride in recruiting for administrative talent and she has stayed true to that specialty during a 20-year career. Every so often, however, she will embrace a search that forces her out of her comfort zone.

Lori had grown quite impressed with the vision and passion behind Digital Infuzion’s President, Hemant Virkar, after placing an Executive Assistant with him. When Digital Infuzion approached Lori about a newly-created VP of Operations role, an unconventional search for Lori, she embraced the recruiting challenge. Throughout the process Lori learned about supportive PMO’s, AGILE project management, CMMI certifications and government contract pricing. She reached out to over 40 candidates and submitted eight over a four-month period.

Tina Tyree was a program director in the Health IT space and a 10-year veteran of her company, earning her MBA along the way. She struck Lori as the quintessential up-and-comer, poised for a role in executive management and that was exactly the vision Digital Infuzion had for their new VP of Operations. Lori was transparent about her background but what she lacked in technical and executive recruiting expertise, she made up for in client familiarity. According to Tina:

“Lori had the relationship with the client, so she could provide me with guidance along the way. That was the biggest difference for me-the caring role Lori played in really trying to make sure it was a good fit for me and a good fit for her client. She spent a lot of time talking with me and discussing the requirements of the job and where I met them.”

Lori works tirelessly to understand her clients-not just the facts and figures, but the company culture. The same can be said for her candidates. Beyond the resume, there is a whole narrative to uncover that exposes motivators, fears, principles, and the human element that paints the full picture.

Tina’s interview process spanned three months. During that time, Digital Infuzion was working to uncover the person behind the resume. “We were looking for talent such as self-awareness, vulnerability, aspiration and curiosity”, offered Hemant. They found that and more in Tina Tyree, Digital Infuzion’s new VP of Operations.

Tina Tyree